Thursday, 11 July 2013

DIY Wooden Clothes Rack

Hey Guys!

So for the past little while I've come across so many amazing DIY clothing rack designs through my searches through Pinterest and finally decided to go ahead and make one. This design is actually something I put together myself and just grabbed inspiration from a bunch of designs and made my own. The build took a little over an hour and I'm really happy how it turned out!

Heres how you can make one!

6- pine 1x3's
4- pine 1x4's
1- 1"x 8' wooden dowel

4 bolts with nuts and washers.
1 1/4 screws

chop saw or hand saw
(a chop saw will make it alot faster build)
1" hole saw or drill bit

First cut all your pieces:

*cut 4 pieces of 1x4 to 66" long for the side upside down "V" shape
*cut the other 2 pieces of 1x4 in half so you have 4, 4foot longpieces.
*cut 1 piece of 1x4 in half so you have 2, 4 foot long pieces
*cut the other 3 1x4 pieces into 13 pieces 16" long
*from scrap pieces left over from the sides cut 2 1x3's to 16" long
*cut the wooden dowel so it is 5 feet long.(this can change depending on how much you would like it sticking out the side. I use mine to hang things on so I have 6" on both sides.)

So now that you have all your wood cut take the 4 pieces that you cut for the sides and mark them all on one end. measure 2 inches from the top and mark it, and then mark the center width.
Now use a 1" hole saw to cut a 1" hole using your mark as the center of your hole.

Now you will need to get a drill bit just slightly bigger than the bolts you've chose.
Take the 2 pieces of 1x3 that are cut to 16" and mark the center width and 2" in. Drill your holes.
You now need to make holes on the side pieces as well for the bolt to connect these pieces.
Mark 11" from the bottom and mark the center width. Now drill the same size holes.

After all these holes are drilled you can screw in your bolts and slide the wooden dowel through the top holes.
* be careful at this point, everything will be flimsy*

now take 3 of your 4 foot pieces of 1x3 and attach it to the front middle and back of your rack screwing it into your bolted on side piece. remember to pre-drill your holes since it is so close to the edge or else the wood will split.
Once those 3 pieces are attached you can layout your 13 pieces of 16" long slats for the bench area. lay them out leaving an even gap between them and screw them into the 3 boards they are sitting on. 

Now take the two 4 foot pieces of 1x4. these will go on the front and back of the bench area and give everything a cleaner look. screw it on to the slats as well as the side bolted piece to make it more sturdy.


Now just add two screws to each "V" on about an inch above and below where your dowel is to connect the "V" together and your finished!

Now you can stain it and finish it how ever you like! 
Id like to try one with a dark stain and then different coloured painted slats.

Hope you guys enjoyed this and found it helpful!!


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  2. COVID brings us here in 2020
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